Weak Lawns

For four months we have been experiencing the wettest weather systems on record. They started records in 1910.

All of this water running through the soil is leaching away the trace elements that feed plant growth.

As an investment against weak lawn growth in the coming summer, now is the time to top dress your lawn with well composted organic fertiliser. I have always done this in mid February so that it has time to enter the ground before the growth starts in the early spring.

This will save on the cost of chemical fertilisers that very quickly leach into our streams and rivers. Or as I have noticed more recently the chemicals wash on to paths and roads to fuel moss and algae growth. These in turn require herbicides.

The composition of the fertiliser needs to be fine so that spreading is easy. It will look messy but in a few short days will be washed in and be drawn in by soil organisms such as worms. A labour free way of reducing soil compaction allowing oxygen and trace elements direct access to the roots.

The sun will return and we will all enjoy happy days in the garden, so do the hard work now.

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