Spring is approaching

Late February and March can be amongst the hardest of months for the gardens and the gardener. The sun can appear, generating a rise in temperature up into the 80s where it's rays reach, but night can bring temperatures below minus 5 in southern England. This sets lawns and plants into growth and then stalls them. Often soft bursting leaves and buds can get burned and killed by wind chill.

The gardener works frantically in preparation for the new growing season that is just a few weeks away. Jobs include the pruning of trees, clearing the lawns of wind debris and the composting and protection for those soft herbaceous plants.

March can become dry, and without rain for a few days young trees and plants will require watering. Gutters and drains need clearing, water butts should be emptied and the built up sediment inside cleaned away to avoid blockages throughout the dry summer months.

Often overlooked are the garden tools. They require that love and attention to ensure that they are ready for that big start.

April brings rapid grass growth and the first cut in March is tactically essential. Many times gardeners put this off, to be caught out by prolonged wet weather reaching late April with an overgrown lawn that is mission impossible to cut! Mowers and strimmers at the ready!

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