Your garden in November.

The year is marching on approaching its end. So far November has been wet and mild, not the most pleasant conditions for gardening. There are however a few jobs that can be done this month.

It's still not too late to be planting your bulbs. In fact it can be advantageous to leave it this late. Your bulbs from last year may just be shooting through the soil surface and so by leaving new planting until now you are able to avoid disturbing previous year's bulbs. Also the longer you leave it the greater the chance of picking up some spring bulb bargains at garden retailers!

The wet and mild conditions encourage small weeds to be growing in your beds. Take out your hoe and gently uproot these unwelcome residents. It is better to do this in dry conditions as moisture can help the weeds survive the hoe. Inevitably we will experience a frost soon and these damaged weeds will be killed off instantly.

Although many leaves have fallen there are still many left yet to fall. The can of course be bagged and composted or burned, but you can also blow them to the back of your beds and allow them to rot down. When you next turn over the soil in your beds dig in the decomposing leaves for extra plant nutrition.

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