December. Winter is now upon us!

Now is the time that we all take a deep breath, heads down for winter, knowing Christmas will allow us a chaotic rest from our everyday activities.

This is the month when the garden gets neglected at a time when there is much to do:

- bring in or shelter wooden garden chairs and furniture;

- clear the leaves from lawns to avoid lawn die-back;

- pull weeds from paths and paving joints before they turn to mush with the frost. Pulling now will remove the root from soft damp soil avoiding regrowth next year;

- now is the time to plant the last few bulbs that will come a little later in the spring, to greet warmer, brighter weather(!).

Our retail outlets would have you plant bulbs in September, so that the money is in their accounts; but it is best to wait for colder weather. This will prevent bulbs from shooting too early, stoping them from being damaged by animals and gardeners clearing and working in the beds or grassed areas.

My plan is to be out there to enjoy any winter sun that appears . Being a sulker in winter I feel so much better getting as much sun light as I can. This and a good glass or two should enhance our Christmas cheer.

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