Lawn Care

A domestic garden lawn requires regular attention to prevent it from deteriorating into a green weed-dominated area. We have developed unique systems to promote healthy weed-free lawn growth with minimal use of chemical fertilisers and herbicides most of which wash off and pollute our rivers and waterways. 




Overgrown and neglected gardens often require harsh treatment. Strong pruning, extreme weed control and hard labour will restore the desired balance to set the garden on course to becoming manageable and pleasant.




Most planting schemes today are dominated by a narrow repertoire of shrubs supplied by garden centres. We have access to a wide variety of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, and we have the experience that enables us to select the perfect plant for maximum effect.



Under a few circumstances turf can produce an almost instant lawn - but often seeding a new lawn is just as quick and produces a better quality lawn in the long term at far less expense. 



We have first class suppliers of materials - an essential source at a time when many manufacturers employ very soft woods with limited durability. We have experience in all aspects of fencing from ornamental to security fences. 


Tree Care

In this day and age of speed and efficiency there appear to be two approaches to tree care. The first is quick, harsh, damaging pruning. The second is longer term care where the tree is pruned with a view to maintaining an attractive appearance and enhancing a productive, healthy life for the specimen.



We have over 30 years' experience forming many different styles of ponds, varying from formal ponds to maintenance-free natural pools. 


Garden Maintenance

After a generation of maintaining anything from large public and commercial areas to small domestic gardens, we have developed efficient, cost-effective systems and techniques utilising our specialist equipment for maximum speed and efficiency, offering a wide variety of customers peace of mind with our comprehensive and professional service.


Gardener Training

Walling and Paving


One of the most rewarding parts of my work has been looking at existing and new gardens with an eye to making the most of Nature's rich resource. Finding new and innovative ways to produce a unique and attractive garden which is personal to you is a thoroughly satisfying achievement. 

A high level of experience and training has taught us precisely what kind of armoury to deploy, and more importantly just how, when and where to deploy it. We are employed in many areas to maintain lawn or grassed areas on any scale.


The right walling and paving materials compliment an area, adding attractiveness and texture which enhance many a dull space. 


After years of training people in our industry, I am proposing in the near future to develop a unique and thorough professional training ,based on my knowledge and experience accrued over a lifetime. This will provide anyone who wishes to work in the industry or to run their own gardening business a comprehensive blueprint to replicate my success.