Most of our life today is spent within the confines of home and workplace. Our modern work ethic deprives us of contact with nature and the many ways the outdoors enriches our everyday world.


A garden is a place for both privacy and to be shared with company. It is a place to shelter from the world and recuperate, a place for contemplation, reflection, relaxation.


To take a project from a client's first idea or dream through all the various stages to fruition, or keeping such a garden neat and tidy, is the job I do. Bringing colour, charm and life to even the most functional areas - like drives and car parks - is a hugely rewarding and fulfilling opportunity.

I am a gardener who has spent the majority of his life outside in gardens and wild free places. In a garden no two weeks of the ever-changing year are the same, and I delight in working with nature and using it to develop beautiful relaxing places.


Not only should everyone have access to a garden; I believe that access to the beautiful outdoors is essential for the good of the human soul.


It has been my job and my lifetime's work to create and maintain such spaces.


Just let me know if I can help you with your garden area.

Colin Smith